• Never Forget
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    Q. I'd like to know how to use the app in details.
    1) Add: Among the buttons at the bottom of the main page, press the + button on the left.
    2) Move: Press and hold a note and move it to the desired location.
    3) Delete: Swipe a note to the right to delete the note.
    5) Edit: Open a note to edit.

    Q. The font size is too small!
    You can change the font size at Settings.

    Q. I want to see more things to do.
    You can see more notes at a glance by adjusting the note size at Settings.

    Q. What do you mean by remove ads?
    "Remove ads" removes banner ads shown at the bottom of the main page for one month. The major source of revenue for Never Forget is advertisements (earnings from advertisements are used for: the developers' living expenses, app updates, as well as new app developments.) However, we have decided to add this feature as some may feel uncomfortable with the ads. But you can still use all the features of this app for free even without removing the ads! So, we politely ask you to think twice before you proceed with the payment. (Remember, ads will be shown again after one month. If you want to get rid of them for another month, make your payment again just as your first payment.)

    Q. Notifications keep showing on my lock screen!
    To block notifications on your lock screen, take the following steps: Go to [Phone Settings - Notifications - Applications - Never Forget] and turn off notifications. This will remove all notifications. If you want the app to show only the notifications: Go to Phone Settings - Notifications - Applications - Never Forget - Select "memory" under Categories - Lock screen - Select "Do not show notifications."

    Q. I have more questions!
    Please leave your questions in the comment box, and we will respond immediately after checking them out. Thank you!